mercredi 6 juillet 2016

RESULTS - 4th Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition - July 1,2,3 - 2016

Here are the results of the 4th edition of the "Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition" that took place on July 1,2,3 - 2016 in Saint-Lizier en Couserans in Ariège.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants !

                                  Marie Cantagrill and the participants of the Excellence Category 2016

>> To see the photo album of the winners of this year's edition, click here : 


1st Prize : Ema Cantagrill (Irigny-69)

2nd Prize ex aequo : Pietro Toigo (Saint-Gaudens-31)

2nd Prize ex aequo : Adriel Collomb (Montpellier-34)

3rd Prize : Léo Langlois (Le Vigan-30)

Special Prize association MPC : Camille Rama (Gardanne-13)

Audience Award : Léo Langlois(Le Vigan-30)

*1st CYCLE :

1st Prize : ex aequo : Marguerite Lenoir (Toulouse-31)

1st Prize ex aequo : Yuna Tikens-Guerin (Toulouse-31)

2nd Prize : Armando Collomb (Montpellier-34)

Special Prize association MPC : Nathan Cayuela (Foix-09)

Special Prize association MPC : Robin Durando (Saint-Girons-09)

Special Prize association MPC : Clotilde Waingarten (Montpellier-34)

Audience Award : Marguerite Lenoir (Toulouse-31)

*2nd CYCLE :

1st Prize : Sara Isabelle Ispas (Nantes)

2nd Prize : Enora Durando (Saint-Girons-09)

3rd Prize : Léa Clavel (Saint-Girons-09)

Special Prize association MPC : Lucie Zambelli (Tarbes-65)

Special Prize association MPC : Alexandre Chete (Val Maubuée-77)

Audience Award : Enora Durando (Saint-Girons-09)

*3rd CYCLE :

1st Prize : Elliott Pages (Toulouse-31)

2nd Prize : Camille Barathieu (Saint-Girons-09)

3rd Prize : Faustine Dubreucq (Toulouse-31)

Audience Award : Elliott Pages (Toulouse-31) and Camille Barathieu (Saint-Girons-09)


1st Prize : Anne-Sophie LEMAIRE (Köln-Germany)

2nd Prize : Irenè FIORITO (Rome-Italie)

3rd Prize : Roman RECHETKINE (CNSM-Paris)

Contemporary Prize : Roman RECHETKINE (CNSM-Paris)

Special Prize Peyras : Daniel VLASHI (CNSM –Lyon)

Audience Award : Hugo MOINET (Lübeck-Germany)

Sound Award : Quentin VOGEL (Bruxelle-Belgium) et Kaoruko TAKASE (Paris)

Special Prize association MPC :

- Hugo MOINET (Lübeck-Germany)
- Desislava VASKOVA KOSTOVA Madrid-Spain)
- David TOBIN (Köln-Germany)
- David MAKHMUDOV (Ghent-Belgium)

Special award : the violin made by the Luthier Sylvain Tournaire has been awarded and lent to Irenè FIORITO (Roma-Italy).