jeudi 19 mai 2016

Project : "A violin for the "Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition"

 The violin will be owned by the "association Musique et partage en couserans" organizing the competition. 

It will be lent every year to one of the Laureates.

"The idea came up sharing with the violinist soloist Marie Cantagrill, who organizes for the fourth year the international violin competition under her name (registration for 2016 are open !).
Observing that the determining aspects that a violin cann provide to the violinist for a full artistic expression are richness in harmonics, colors and warmth, and that a great violin isn't always financially reachable to the best violinist, we decided to make an exact copy of the Bernardo Calcagni 1748, played by Marie Cantagrill, which has outstanding warmth and timbre."

Sylvain Tournaire, Luthier

>>Follow all the steps of the manufacturing of this violin on our facebook page (photos and videos) :

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with Marie Cantagrill and Sylvain Tournaire's autograph